The Softbroke Betting Exchange software is a fully dynamic system with a up to date software structure that works with any browser and fully responsive with any computer, tablet and mobile devices with a built in mobile recognition that scales up the resolution and routes the mobile users to the mobile page directly for an mobile app look and feel.

The key features of the Betting Exchange is that we included the well known Betfair API with back and lay odds type with the following sports: Football, Cricket and Tennis. If needed, its fully possible to add more sports and features.

Our platform is designed for operators who require strong technology, which also bends to their precise needs and has an excellent track record of compliance in different markets and jurisdictions.
We also offer the full source codes, if our customers require to retain 100% of the revenues, they can further develop the platform themselves, outside our own development road-map.

If you require an android application to go along with the setup, then look no further as we actually have it covered allready, fully synchronized with the system that cross updates everything between the betting exchange engine and the end user application.
By buying out the complete software packages allows you to save months of hard work by building your very own and the end of the price, most probaly to a cheaper price comparing to hiring developers and build from scratch.

Brand it as you wish!
Put your own logo on the system, add your own footer and information text and set your own rules, you will be running your own operations without any connections or restrictions to any 3:rd party displaying on the website such as Softbroke.
Its just a one time fee for the software and its yours to keep and without any limitations  you can rebuild, change and add your own content and servces along with the upgrades you prefer.

We install the system on your own server of choise and we highly recommend you to use our preferred server of choise since we can guarantee the system to be running flawelss on this, Other servers such as shared hosting may cause issues the the system to failing in performance and functions.

Get in touch today and let us demo the betting exchange system for you in detail so you will see all the awesome features and to understand how our software works. The Softbroke Betting Exchange system is fully developed in house by us, meaning you can not buy the system elsewhere and therefor we can provide fast and reliable and secure further development if needed.

We offer fast and reliable installation with the betfair api directly connected with you and the provider, no middle hand and you get 100% commission on every bet placed and you decide all the rates and fees from admins and players.
Simply grab a hosting and select your domain name, we will install and cunfigure the rest for you.