Bingo and Keno software

Are you looking to launch your very own online Bingo and Keno setup then have a look at our dedicated Bingo and Keno software
where you can controll everything from balls to winnings and losses directly from the C-panel.

The system is based on the popular Softbroke SoftMatrix platform which can be used to run Sportsbook and online casino.

Its fully possible to combine the Bingo & Keno with our current system in order to be able to offer sportsbook and casino along with bingo and keno to offer your players more games and more fun to play.
The key feature is that everything is changeable and with that it means its fully possible to rebrand just about anything you like,
design, fonts, colors, logos and even the code structure as you want and with a little effort and a couple hours work it would
be possible to totally rebrand & reskin for example the bingo and Keno games with your logo, colors and layout in general,
this is a well known factor in the online gaming industry and the result would be your very own version of the game which no one else have and by generating players who plays this game, they can only play it at your casino aswell.
The games are being developed in HTML5 and is compatible with desktop computers aswell as tablets and mobile devices to make it a
universal product to promote widely and safe.

Accept real money payments from your players in a jiffy, simple and easy with your ready set payment gateways which is included
in the system and we can basically add any payment gateway you request.
Another popular method world wide is the exploding demand of crypto currency setups and that is why we added the function to
accept over 1000+ crypto currencies and the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Etherum and so on, YES they are all included and once players makes a deposit the funds will show directly into your wallet.