Casino and sportsbook scrip shop

Due to daily requests from all over the world we gathered all our software systems, scripts and more into our digital shop where you can buy our open sourcecode sportsbook scripts along with theme specific scripts such as Bingo, Keno, Casino and Poker scripts too.

Basically what you will get after purchase is the full unencrypted software system files and a free installation and documentations.
This is the base for you to start your very own online gambling business with no monthly fees what so ever, no revenue split to any 3:rd provider and no limitations.
All the player deposit goes directly to your own wallet and the system accepts Bitcoin and thousands others crypto currencies along with PayPal, bank transfer, offline cash handeling, credits, Skrill and more, when a player makes a deposit you will have the deposit instantly and this is not like a regular white label where you get the money several weeks in afterhand.

Be your own boss with the sportsbook scripts from our portfolio, have a look at our demos and anytime when you are ready just select the potions you want to go with and we will have the installation up and running on your very own server within 48 hours (working days) as long as you have the server credentials ready.

The system is built with the client in mind, not too advanced and the systems comes with totally free odds data feed and if you like you can change the data feed provider fairly easy since its built in PHP and Mysql, if you have knowledge or any developer who understand the language you can add other content such as other data feeds, branded games from big developers, live casino and much more, we allready have several great clients who went that way.

Have a look at our script shop and get your new setup on the roll today!

Casino and sportsbook scrip shop
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