Online casino

Choose your name and launch your gaming site withing a couple of days with our turnkey SoftMatrix system.

Full control

You will be granted the final control of every aspect of the system and players.

100% revenue

Buy out our solution and we grant you 100% commission and no monthly fees.

Save time and money - Start your casino with Softbroke

So you finally decided to start your very own casino online ?
We have the turnkey solution for you to do this and the right tools for you to run it all without any coding skills.
All you have to do is to market your website while we handle the rest for you, this is what white label providers offers you but you do not really get 100% control, in reality you get like 10% control.

When doing a white label setup with another provider who offers you the license, platform and games the provider you actually go with will be the one setting all the rules, they will get the money first and they will never grant you any system access and in most cases you do not even see the player credentials because the operator (the one you buy the white label from) is the one owning your players in the end.
Basically if you someday decide to go solo or change provider you risk loosing all your players to the provider which may be a big fail if you have good revenue.

Our competetors charges up to hundreds of thousands euros more in setup fees
and with us you pay less for the exact same results, rest is up to you!

Why go to another operator or reseller to set up your white label casino and pay way more money when you can get the exact same ingredients right here?
The reason is pressy simple, since the online gambling industry is the biggest industry in the world its pretty easy to charge high fees and its up to you to decide how much you want to pay.

We integrate our own casino games, scratch card games, bingo, keno, table games and virtual games aswell. We may even add live betting and poker to any system.

Not only do we offer the lowest setup fee on the market, with our system there are no limitations, you can build, add and tweak anything exactly as you like.

Get in touch with us today and try our demos and decide what´s best for you,
some like the easy function with a 3:rd part white label and accept paying all the fees that comes with it, and others prefer the open sourcecode platform setups we offer.