Sportsbook & casino scripts

You can launch your own fully branded sportsbetting website with options such as casino, virtual sports, bingo, keno and poker within a couple days.

The softbroke sportsbook script is a flexible system built in php / cake and is based on a mysql database, simple and universal for any developer or team to understand and thereby very popular and in terms of prices please compare with our competetors and see for your self.

Basically, by turning to other big companies and asking for the full sourcecode will normally result in a pricerange for abount 2-500.000 euros just to have the system, based on tons of hours, techs and lots of features.
We offer the same basic features but in a script form and this gives you the full open sourcecode sportsbook script for prices starting at 2000 euros only.
Have a look in our sportsbook script webshop and find the latest ones available, we have close to 20 different designs, features and functions all packed into our highly popular sportsbook script.
If you are looking for a standalone Casino script or Bingo script we have it too, its the very same system but we removed sportsbook and added a more playful theme and design.

All you need is a server, for our software we higly recommend using theese server credentials since other provider ssuch as godaddy does actually causes lags, issues and delays.
You only pay for the script one time, no monthly fees and we take no cut from your earnings or players what so ever and we even hand over the full open sourcecode so you can modify, tweak it and make your own custom changes as you like.

Casino and sportsbook scrip shop

Due to daily requests from all over the world we gathered all our software systems, scripts and more into our digital shop where you can buy our open sourcecode sportsbook scripts along with theme specific scripts such as Bingo, Keno, Casino and Poker scripts too.

Basically what you will get after purchase is the full unencrypted software system files and a free installation and documentations.
This is the base for you to start your very own online gambling business with no monthly fees what so ever, no revenue split to any 3:rd provider and no limitations.
All the player deposit goes directly to your own wallet and the system accepts Bitcoin and thousands others crypto currencies along with PayPal, bank transfer, offline cash handeling, credits, Skrill and more, when a player makes a deposit you will have the deposit instantly and this is not like a regular white label where you get the money several weeks in afterhand.

Be your own boss with the sportsbook scripts from our portfolio, have a look at our demos and anytime when you are ready just select the potions you want to go with and we will have the installation up and running on your very own server within 48 hours (working days) as long as you have the server credentials ready.

The system is built with the client in mind, not too advanced and the systems comes with totally free odds data feed and if you like you can change the data feed provider fairly easy since its built in PHP and Mysql, if you have knowledge or any developer who understand the language you can add other content such as other data feeds, branded games from big developers, live casino and much more, we allready have several great clients who went that way.

Have a look at our script shop and get your new setup on the roll today!

Super sale offer sportsbook and casino open sourcecode

Check out our brand new demo
Fully loaded with a top notch design, new features and even more games.
The website not only comes with full open sourcecode but we also added 20+ casino games ready for branding which basically means that you can replace the images, logo, sounds and effects in order to create your very own line of games within just a couple hours.

The Oddstipper software will be installed by us onto your server of choise, preferably use the same server setup as we have.
Choose from the free odds data feed stat is being displayed onto the demo, no monthly fees and no setup fee for the odds or go with a top notch BET365 odds data feed with in play animations and statistics at a great price much lower then most of the competetors using our services.

The full setup is packed with Pre match sportsbeting and Live betting function, 40+ casino games which includes slots, table games such as black jack, roulette, red dog and others and we eved added scratch cards and virtual sports.
Bingo and keno is also included into the full setup and also the Poker software.
Launch your very own dynamic and responsive gambling business within 48 hours using the Softbroke Softmatrix gambling software
and start accepting real money gambling bets using bitcoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies but also skrill, paypal, bank and other payment gateways allready integrated and you keep 100% of the profits, no revenue share to us in any way and no monthly fees to pay.

The thing with the bitcoin gambling is really exploading right now, join in the business and launch your license free crypto business and you can start accepting bets within just a couple days with our software.
The Oddstipper software will be offered at a super special discount for a limited time only, o chip in and grab yourself a bargain.

Bitcoin casino open sourcecode software

Have a look at out latest addition to our open sourcecode online casino.
The system is based on the Softbroke Softmatrix gaming system with twice as many games,
Basically the casino games have all got a great facelift with graphics, sounds and functions.
comparing to our previous casinos and sportsbook setups we added 22 more games, meaning this setup contains all in total 44 awesome casino games such as the popular Zombie Hustle, Arabian nights, Red light and other great ones.
The great thing with the Softbroke Softmatrix system is that you can easilly change, tweak and rebuild not only the frontend design but you can also modify the actual game codes, for example if you want to rename and change graphics in the actual game, its fully possible to do so!
This mean you can put your own images, logos, sounds and make any game your very own customized game ready to roll out and this is something no other provider will offer you for sure.
Needless to say, we kept the functions where you can change the winning outcome, percentage and maximum winnings manually from the admin control panel which is a great feature and lets you control the actual flow of the player funds and activities.

Try the new Flipper Casino, feel free to sign up and use the bonus code FLIPPER100 to get free credits to play with.
If you want to launch your very own online casino where you can accept Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies along with more traditional payment gateways, you can have this setup all done and installed onto any server that you chose with full open sourcecode within 48 hours, a truly amazing deal and with a solid marketing strategy you can be successfull online within days.

Online poker software

We have recently added the requested poker software to the portfolio and with this said, you can launch your very own online poker website
within 48 hours fully installed and ready to go.
The Poker system is on the Softbroke SoftMatrix igaming system which makes it easy to handle and we offer you the fully open sourcecode
on this setup and we allow you to run your very own Poker website with your branding, your choise of color and you can create your very own network of poker players who can play with real money or crypto currencies.
The poker system is 100% responsive with built in chat system and easily editable, you can brand and design the setup just like you want
without any limitations.
We took the term white label poker to a new height, we do not offer a white label poker but we give you the power to become the operator instead and you do not need to rely on any 3:rd party provider and therefor you do not need to split any profits from your players either.
Every cent you make from the players is yours to keep and from the powerful SoftMatrix Backoffice you can follow all players, statistics and do your own settings and limitations as you like.

Our busines model is easy, You buy the software and we install it on your very own hosting, the only monthly fee is the actual cost for the hosting plan you decide to go with and thats it!

As an option you can also addon the Softbroke sportsbetting software on the poker setup aswell as our popular casino games and also our lastes release of bingo and keno games aswell, its up to you which ingredients you want into your own poker website.
Launching your very own poker website have never been easier, simply select you own poker domain name and we install everything ready to go for you!

Custom brand your own games


We are constantly adding new games to the SoftMatrix igaming system and people often ask about branding so this post would be about
the possibility to custom brand your own casino games on the SoftMatrix igame system.

Just to give you an example, all the casino games you see on are what we call, in house games and basically means that
all the games comes with the actual code and possibility to change the name, logos, title and every bit of graphic and sounds.
This also means that for example we select the game called Skippy Fortune and you want to make our ow version of this, lets say you want a pirate theme and change the kangaroo with captain jack and have your website branded all over the loading screen, the simple answer is YES you can do this and its possible to do so on every single game available on the system.

Slots are super popular and you can rebrand and remake as many games needed.
Another popular game is the Softbroke´s virtual game Horse Racing which has gone crazy popular not only on our demo websites but also
on 3:rd party websites and on social media to play just for fun.

This same principal applies to the Softbroke Poker Engine aswell, yo uhave the access to reskin, rebuild and rebrand the setup as your very
own product with or without any softbroke branding and this concept makes us unique comparing to our competetors who mainly offer you the very same fees but they will maintain the system with no access for you and normally take 20-30% of your total net earnings.*
The bottom line is that you will be able to control this system as you wish and when setting the system up, you can select custom branding of the website and also simply add the products you want to go with that and right now we offer Sportsbetting, Casino games, scratch card, Virtual sports, Poker, Bingo and Keno.