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In order for you to get the fastest setup and better support we opened up the betting and online casino script shop.
Simply visit our Betting and casino script shop and check our demos, try the features and select your options.
Once you have decided and initiated the setup you can be online within 24 hours ready to take bets online with real money and 1000+ crypto currencies options.
The terms are easy, simply buy your setup and have a server ready, for server requirements please read this section.
Once the server is all set and configured we can have your setup all ported online within 24 hours ready to go with sports betting and free lifetime odds data feed, online casino games, table games such as black jack, red dog, roulette and more, also Bingo, Keno, Virtual sports and Poker.
Have a look in the shop and pick the setup that suits you best.

Sportsbook open sourcecode

With our turnkey betting exchange software you can easilly start your very own gambling business online in just a couple days.
The latest addition to our line of betting exchange series are here fully loaded with everything you might need to start you online gaming.
You will be the master admin with full control, create sub admins, players and use whatever commissions you like.
Get in touch with us today to see the live demo in action and find out how easy it is to fully brand with your own logo, text, fonts, colors and images.
We are the only provider who offers a fully open sourcecode with no encryptions, no monthly fees and real betfair odds api that costs less!

Build Your Own Sportsbook

Sportsbook software by Softbroke is a segment of its multi-functional Gaming Platform, is designed to operate fully-functional and secure social sports betting web-sites with almost no operational risk and can be provided as a white label or a open sourcecode.

The Betting Exchange software provided incorporates highly advanced functionality to cover all the regular betting exchange operations.

Our Betting Exchange software ensures complete support for the BetFair API for reliable import of sports data combined with the market-leading exposure management tools. It also enables complete management of custom commission rates, allows to plan ongoing commission incomes and ensures comprehensive protection of all user data.

The high-end Betting Exchange software by Softbroke has all the features required to implement a solid and stable betting exchange web-site with a loyal customer base and to constantly expand your business to new unexplored markets and opportunities.

Super sale offer sportsbook and casino open sourcecode

Check out our brand new demo
Fully loaded with a top notch design, new features and even more games.
The website not only comes with full open sourcecode but we also added 20+ casino games ready for branding which basically means that you can replace the images, logo, sounds and effects in order to create your very own line of games within just a couple hours.

The Oddstipper software will be installed by us onto your server of choise, preferably use the same server setup as we have.
Choose from the free odds data feed stat is being displayed onto the demo, no monthly fees and no setup fee for the odds or go with a top notch BET365 odds data feed with in play animations and statistics at a great price much lower then most of the competetors using our services.

The full setup is packed with Pre match sportsbeting and Live betting function, 40+ casino games which includes slots, table games such as black jack, roulette, red dog and others and we eved added scratch cards and virtual sports.
Bingo and keno is also included into the full setup and also the Poker software.
Launch your very own dynamic and responsive gambling business within 48 hours using the Softbroke Softmatrix gambling software
and start accepting real money gambling bets using bitcoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies but also skrill, paypal, bank and other payment gateways allready integrated and you keep 100% of the profits, no revenue share to us in any way and no monthly fees to pay.

The thing with the bitcoin gambling is really exploading right now, join in the business and launch your license free crypto business and you can start accepting bets within just a couple days with our software.
The Oddstipper software will be offered at a super special discount for a limited time only, o chip in and grab yourself a bargain.

Bitcoin casino open sourcecode software

Have a look at out latest addition to our open sourcecode online casino.
The system is based on the Softbroke Softmatrix gaming system with twice as many games,
Basically the casino games have all got a great facelift with graphics, sounds and functions.
comparing to our previous casinos and sportsbook setups we added 22 more games, meaning this setup contains all in total 44 awesome casino games such as the popular Zombie Hustle, Arabian nights, Red light and other great ones.
The great thing with the Softbroke Softmatrix system is that you can easilly change, tweak and rebuild not only the frontend design but you can also modify the actual game codes, for example if you want to rename and change graphics in the actual game, its fully possible to do so!
This mean you can put your own images, logos, sounds and make any game your very own customized game ready to roll out and this is something no other provider will offer you for sure.
Needless to say, we kept the functions where you can change the winning outcome, percentage and maximum winnings manually from the admin control panel which is a great feature and lets you control the actual flow of the player funds and activities.

Try the new Flipper Casino, feel free to sign up and use the bonus code FLIPPER100 to get free credits to play with.
If you want to launch your very own online casino where you can accept Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies along with more traditional payment gateways, you can have this setup all done and installed onto any server that you chose with full open sourcecode within 48 hours, a truly amazing deal and with a solid marketing strategy you can be successfull online within days.

IPL cricket betting exchange

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during April and May of every year by 8 teams representing 8 cities of India. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008, and is regarded as the brainchild of Lalit Modi, the founder and former commissioner of the league. IPL has an exclusive window in ICC Future Tours Programme.

Cricket is a big business in many countries and the request to launch your very own betting exchange with our turnkey betting exchange software have gone from a a couple requests per month to a daily conversation.
Betting exchanges have been around for over a decade, but there are still people who don’t understand the concept as it is quite different from regular betting at bookmakers which we have become accustomed to.


Betting exchanges are transactions made between gamblers, where the bookmaker is only there to make sure that the transaction occurs and for that it charges a small commission which can be anywhere from 2% to 5%.

The popular Softbroke betting exchange uses Betfair api data feed to obtain the odds.
What our software does is to connect punters who have opposite views on the outcome of a match or a competition. In its simplest form betting exchanges enable one gambler to ‘back’ a player, a team or a horse to win, and the other gambler ‘lays’ the same player, team or horse to lose.

A bet can only be accepted if it is matched by another gambler. So for example, if you are backing Afghanistan to beat Zimbabwe in an ODI match, there must be another customer who believes that Zimbabwe and not Afghanistan will be the winner of the match. In this situation you are the one ‘backing’ the bet and the other gambler is ‘laying’ the bet.

Sites like the Softbroke betting exchange use advanced technology software which matches bets in an instant. If there are four figure bets, then the likelihood is that these bets will be matched – ‘laid’ by more than one gambler.

In betting exchanges are usually represented in decimal terms and instead of the fractional 2/1 you would get the decimal 3.00. A stake of $1 would return $3 with the stake included.

Most of the betting exchange business happens using credit or debit cards, provided that you have opened an account with the betting provider which provides you with a username and a secure password.

Finally, gamblers who lay the bets must make sure that they deposit enough funds to cover their bets. For example, if the odds that the layer is offering for Afghanistan beating Zimbabwe are 1.67 and another gambler backs this result with a $100 deposit, then the layer must make sure that he has at least $167 in his account to pay out the backer if this turns out to be a winning bet.

Start your own betting exchange business

If you are looking for your own betting exchange software without have to rely on any 3:rd party besides the odds data and pay a monthly fee and revenue to the system provider, then this is what you need!
We provide a fully dynamic system in the true essence of betting exchange where you will become the system admin with full overview and control.
Create your own sub admins who can manage their own players and run the business.

We recently added a notification system between users and admins to notify of deposits, limits, suspensions, signups and other relevant features to make the system easy to work with and handle.
The player will have a popup notification for a winning or loosed ticket after match end and the system includes a bonus management where you can manually handle everything or set it up to be automated.

The basic risk management system is on place too and allows you to set a global or personal limit on users and agents with the possibility to manually override any ticket, match and bet as an admin.

Browse the live matches and pre games from the powerful c-panel and either use any preferred odds data provider or we set you up with our ready made solutions, this way you can be online in a short time of period and start working on your business model insead.

Recieve payment from players with Skrill, neteller, Bitcoin, PayPal or manually credit players (offline cash deposit)
We can add any prefered payment gateway of your choise and the entire system can be fully customized and we offer the software setups as fully open sourcecode solutions for companies or groups with innovative ideas and want to own the setup yourselves rather then chipping in on any current provider who will actually own the system and the players you bring in.

With the Softbroke Betting Exchange software you will be the owner of your specific setup and decides all terms, conditions, commissions, agents, players and everything in between without the need of ask anybody else for permission.
Running your own system allows more freedom and bigger possibilities of expanding wide in the pace you prefer.
The software is fresh and clean, no outdated code or expired solutions exists.

The typical setup time is roughly 5-7 days to have it all configured and from there you will have full control over your own betting exchange platform with no limits of what you can do from here.
If you are ready to launch your very own betting exchange business, get in touch to hear about our software solution.


Sportsbook system

Start your own betting exchange online with real money and with the most popular sports and leagues of your choise.
It have never been easier to start your very own betting exchange, simply use our turnkey solution and be online within just a couple days with your logo, your rules and your very own betting exchange system.
sportsbook is a marketplace for customers to bet on the outcome of discrete events.
Betting exchanges offer the same opportunities to bet as a bookmaker with a few differences. Gamblers can buy (also known as “back”) and sell (also known as “lay”) the outcome, and they can trade in real-time throughout the event, either to cut their losses or lock in profit. Bookmaker operators generate revenue by offering less efficient odds. Betting exchanges normally generate revenue by charging a small commission on winning bets.

Softbroke offer you a turnkey solution to start your very own betting exchange online completely turnkey with online payment methods and offline credits / cash function.
No need to buy betting exchange software for hundreds of thousands euros / dollars any more, simply browse our software and you will see the similarity and great quality code, plus you will most sure save alot of money buying our solution rather to go with another provider.

Add your own admins, sub admins, agents and roll out the system for players to enjoy real money betting exchange.
With our powerful system you can choose what kind of odds and provider you need nd just to give you an example we can add real time
odds data feed from Bet365, Bwin, Betfred, william hill, sbobet and betfair.
Start your own business either by renting the turnkey system instantly or buy the full system out right away.

Initially we have Soccer, Cricket and Tennis,
if needed, we can add any sports you want to the system and even extra features like live sports streaming.
The software we have covers the features of the tradditional betting exchanges out there but we also have several different addons and improvements plus we are also able to provide you your own branded apps, fully in sync with the system.
If you are looking to start your very own bettig exchange for online gambling, look no further, have a look at our demos and feel free to get back to us for more iformation any time.

New sportsbook software released

We have just released a new facelifted and cutting edge design for one of our latest SoftMatrix Sportsbetting setup.

The new setup is powered by the popular Softbroke´s SoftMatrix igaming system where we pulled
off an attractive design and added a few more casino games and also including the poker software into the setup.
The structure of the system is very easy for any development team with skills in PHP / Cake and we allow you to add, 
change, build and rebuild anything you want and need into the code since we deliver you the open sourcecode software.
Have a look at our demo website and see all the features.

The system is ready to go with real money gambling and well known payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill, Bank transfer 
and also a new feature we added and calling the Credit module which is ideal for anyone who wishes to use a betting system
with the ability for the users to fill out certain parameters and apply for instant credit, the system automatically
generates a YES or NO depending on your settings related to this specific setup.

Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies are also included as payment gateway and using direct integration into the blockchain
players can deposit BTC directly to your wallet using the payment gateway, once its verified and recieved into your wallet
the players account gets funded with the ammount paid.

CoinPayments is another payment gateway also allready included in the software and offers over 1000 different crypto currencies
to be accepted into the system with a few easy clicks, very simple and very easy.

Our software options comes as open sourcecode and with this said you can rebrand the games as you like, add your own logo, branding, colours and you can rebuild the setup to look like something totally different as you wish, if you do not have the skills or “know how”
to pull this off, simply hire us to build your very own custom design.

Online poker software

We have recently added the requested poker software to the portfolio and with this said, you can launch your very own online poker website
within 48 hours fully installed and ready to go.
The Poker system is on the Softbroke SoftMatrix igaming system which makes it easy to handle and we offer you the fully open sourcecode
on this setup and we allow you to run your very own Poker website with your branding, your choise of color and you can create your very own network of poker players who can play with real money or crypto currencies.
The poker system is 100% responsive with built in chat system and easily editable, you can brand and design the setup just like you want
without any limitations.
We took the term white label poker to a new height, we do not offer a white label poker but we give you the power to become the operator instead and you do not need to rely on any 3:rd party provider and therefor you do not need to split any profits from your players either.
Every cent you make from the players is yours to keep and from the powerful SoftMatrix Backoffice you can follow all players, statistics and do your own settings and limitations as you like.

Our busines model is easy, You buy the software and we install it on your very own hosting, the only monthly fee is the actual cost for the hosting plan you decide to go with and thats it!

As an option you can also addon the Softbroke sportsbetting software on the poker setup aswell as our popular casino games and also our lastes release of bingo and keno games aswell, its up to you which ingredients you want into your own poker website.
Launching your very own poker website have never been easier, simply select you own poker domain name and we install everything ready to go for you!

How to start your own sportsbetting website

Starting your own sportsbetting website have never been easier, simply go through our demo websites for inspiration and keep in mind, everything can be fully customized from simple colour options to a fully new custom design.

The Softbroke SoftMatrix gambling sysystems are all based on the same platform structure but with different custom tweaks to make
them separate but in the end its all the same engine.
In order to launch your very own online gambling setup regardless if you want only sportsbook, casino or the full package you only
need one domain name of your choise and a hosting prepared for us to install the setup onto, and this is normally installed and good to go within 48 hours on regular working days and from here you have full control over the design, settings and maybe the most important thing,
You will be having 100% commission on everything that is happening on your website, Yes its right, we take zero percentage on your revenue.
Games as a general term is the worlds biggest industry and when opening the doors to online gambling the possibilities are endless so instead loosing your money by gambling yourself or use so called “gambling expert services” who claim to offer you rock solid odds predictions you can instead turn the table around and become the house yourself and set your own rules, your own terms and conditions
for people to bet on and only you set the limits.
This is what the Softbroke SoftMatrix gaming system is all about and we give you the oppurtunity to become a part of this industry with minimum investments and the possibilities to earn no limit profits all depending of your own marketing effort.

We offer in play and pre match sportsbetting, casino slots, scratch card games, virtual sports games, Bingo, Keno and Poker
and you can either go with a theme for eample your own poker site without anything else or go with the entire setup with all our products.
Grab the products you want and build your own online gambline empire today.