Bitcoin casino – Do you need a gambling license?

Its a very common question we get daily from people who want to run their own crypto currency online casino and sportsbetting website.The legislation in the area of Bitcoin gambling is very immature and leaves a lot of space for speculation.
Operators starting their online casinos that will accept Bitcoin are often confused by controversial facts and ambiguous decisions of authorities in regards to the cryptocurrency.

Key facts on Bitcoin gambling legality

As of today there are no single, straight forward answers to the questions above. However, here are some useful points that need to be understood regarding bitcoin casino:

1) In general there are no specific laws regulating Bitcoin gambling. It is neither officially allowed nor prohibited.

2) Attitude of different authorities to Bitcoin is changing quite rapidly, with more and more countries looking at Bitcoin positively and discussing regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based services. However, most governments today are still not referring to Bitcoin as to real currency. If it’s not a “real” currency, any regulations around traditional (fiat currency) online casinos should not be applied to Bitcoin gambling websites.

3) Despite the above, in countries where gambling is strictly prohibited, like the United States, the authorities may still take strong measures against Bitcoin gambling websites and/or gamblers who make wagers with Bitcoin.

4) Bitcoin gaming websites offer the benefit of increased anonymity to players. Bitcoin payments combined with anonymizing techniques like Tor make it extremely hard for the authorities to trace gamblers.

5) A few reputable gambling jurisdictions already issue licenses to casinos accepting Bitcoin (notably, Curacao and the United Kingdom), which means they accept the responsibility of controlling operation of cryptocurrency websites. As long as the online casino is following the rules and regulations of the chosen jurisdiction, it operates legally.

Should your Bitcoin casino have a gambling license?

It is important to understand that a gambling license is absolutely necessary for an iGaming business to pass the application for a merchant bank account and to officially work with electronic payment systems.
When the casino website is working with Bitcoin, all of payment processing can be performed internally with no third party services involved that can control the crypto payment infrastructure. Deposits and withdrawals are transferred almost instantly and Bitcoins move directly between the player’s and the casino’s Bitcoin wallets. Thus, the necessity to present a gaming license to any financial institutions is eliminated. Therefore one could argue that when it comes to working with Bitcoin, a gambling license is optional or at least not a prerequisite to accepting payments.

On the other hand, a lot of players perceive a Bitcoin casino in the same way as any traditional online casino. They want to be sure that they bring their spare funds to a reputable and secure online environment and that their rights are protected by an independent authority. In this case, a valid gambling license from one of the gaming licensing jurisdictions becomes an important marketing tool that contributes to player loyalty and considerably increases the casino’s reputation.

Softbroke offers the Softmatrix igaming platform with sportsbook and casino and you may accept over 1000+ crypto currencies and launch your own online casino within48hours (workdays) with our solution.

Bingo and Keno software

Are you looking to launch your very own online Bingo and Keno setup then have a look at our dedicated Bingo and Keno software
where you can controll everything from balls to winnings and losses directly from the C-panel.

The system is based on the popular Softbroke SoftMatrix platform which can be used to run Sportsbook and online casino.

Its fully possible to combine the Bingo & Keno with our current system in order to be able to offer sportsbook and casino along with bingo and keno to offer your players more games and more fun to play.
The key feature is that everything is changeable and with that it means its fully possible to rebrand just about anything you like,
design, fonts, colors, logos and even the code structure as you want and with a little effort and a couple hours work it would
be possible to totally rebrand & reskin for example the bingo and Keno games with your logo, colors and layout in general,
this is a well known factor in the online gaming industry and the result would be your very own version of the game which no one else have and by generating players who plays this game, they can only play it at your casino aswell.
The games are being developed in HTML5 and is compatible with desktop computers aswell as tablets and mobile devices to make it a
universal product to promote widely and safe.

Accept real money payments from your players in a jiffy, simple and easy with your ready set payment gateways which is included
in the system and we can basically add any payment gateway you request.
Another popular method world wide is the exploding demand of crypto currency setups and that is why we added the function to
accept over 1000+ crypto currencies and the most popular ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Etherum and so on, YES they are all included and once players makes a deposit the funds will show directly into your wallet.

Open sourcecode sportsbook & casino promotion

If you are looking for a turnkey solution with sportsbook and casino games then look no further,
We are now offering our SoftMatrix iGaming platform at a special discounted price.

The system allready includes the major parts that you would possibly need for a sportsbetting system.
Your players can place bets on all major events from all over the world, over 15000 leagues across 66 different sports and the odds feed is all included in the setup.
On the casino part we even included 12 mobile ready slots all good to go, since its all controlled by you from the control panel you have the option to actually set the winning percentage, maximum winnings and other related settings on each game seperately which makes this setup very profitable with the right marketing method.

The thing with the SoftMatrix iGaming platform is that we went mainstream with this setup, instead of offering the system at a setup fee plus monthly fee and on top of that a revenue in percentage (just like any other provider basically), we did the other way around instead and
offer the iGame platform at a one time cost only, you will get the latest version all installed onto your server and let you get in full controll of the entire structure of the setup without having to ask any white label partner for changes and addons which normally takes weeks or even months to fulfil, here you can do it yourself 24/7 since you get the actual full sourcecode of the system.

The sportsbetting and casino platform will be installed ready for you to access and use within just a couple working day and with this said,
you will be able to have your very own sportsbook and casino website online fast, simple and cheap in the long run since the only actual costs involved in this setup after purchase is your choise of server options, thats it.

Online casino in the US now available

Finally US opens up for online casino and gambling online and our US sportsbook solution is ready to run within 10 days fully installed.
Several casino stocks jumped after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling paved the way for states to legalize sports betting if they so choose.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey in the case of legality of a 2014 law permitting sports betting at casinos and racetracks in the state. The ruling voided the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

The ruling will break up Nevada’s monopoly on the practice. Illegal sports betting is worth billions of dollars annually. Some states see sports betting as a potentially source of tax revenue.

The Court’s decision opens doors to potentially allow legal sports betting in numerous states, possibly nationwide.

Softbroke sportsbook platform is allready ready to go with dozens of sports and with a wide range of sports feed wich can be used for the US market and with this setup you can run your very own online sportsbook business within a short period of time.


Finally you can get rid of all 3:rd party costs and restrictions, run your very own betting system where you actually get 100% commission on every bet placed and you will get the payment instantly on every bet you YOUR account, not any 3:rd party, there is no other system or white label setup who offer you this!
We provide you with the full setup and you will be ready to run within 7 days and to a fractional of the costs compared to other providers.


* 100% commission on every bet from players
* Pre match
* In play sports
* Affiliate & agent system
* Betshop function with cloud based ticket printing
* Bitcoin payment integrated
* Paypal, Skrill and other payment gateways integrated


Probaly by now you allready know there are hudreds of providers who claims to give you the very best white label setups and platform solutions with prices starting at €40-50.000 euros just to have it online with a 10K, 20K or even greater monthly fee in order to keep the odds flowing and the system to be working but in reality you do not really have to pay theese ammounts, so why should you do that when we can offer you a one time setup fee and everything served on a gold plattern in 7 days?

Start your casino with our gaming platform

Start your own casino, sportsbetting website using our AniMatrix iGame platform and you can be up and running within a couple weeks.
Our gaming platform have been developed during a period over 8 years and you can rest asure that this is a rock solid system.
When starting your own casino you should consider a copuple of things first,

1. Are you just looking for a setup with little to no engagement from your end besides drive traffic? if so YES we do have a cheap solution.

2. Do you want to take this step way ahead and control your own CRM, support and manage the system? if so YES we got it covered aswell.

The Softbroke AniMatrix system is allready packed with all the tools you will be needing for a successfully online business and with this said,
we know that you can run a successfully online busines using our platform solution.
Needless to say that its not quite easy as it used to be to promote a online casino, you have to be smart with new ideas and preferably something tha market has not seen yet, like a simple function, a new approach or new markets to reach and by teaming up with Softbroke we can give you brand new and innovative methods with is not live yet.
Save time and money and go with our syste, its up right now, its ready and its clud based and can handle any heavy traffic with no issues what so ever.
Regardless if what you need, get in touch as we can offer you lottery, bingo, casino, virtual sports, poker, scratch and more, your new online success is just around the corner with the Softbroke AniMatrix iGaming system.
There are no easy and chep trix in making it in the igaming industry today, but what you need for sure is a system that can manage all aspects of your business with no issues and what you would like looking for would also be a partner who knows what they are doing,
With this said, you can buy a india igaming platform for a couple hundred euros / dollars, but you need to keep in mind that you actually get what you pay for aswell.
At Softbroke we have met clients and companies from all over thw world who all have done that very same misstake, to try going with a platform developed over a short period if time with a tech team that doesnt really understand the actual concept of online gambling as the functions itself taking any API feed from a game provider and plug it into a system can be done over the weekend, but in reality its not even close to the actual and compliant system you really do need to have a perfect and seamless sytem.
If you are looking for a solid system with a team who really knows what they are doing, you should atleast get in touch with us to see the Softbroke AniMAtrix system live and learn about its potential, we know this is a solid system, you need to see it aswell.

Malta offshore company within 48 hours


Register a company in Malta and benefit from a tax refund up to 86%.
5% tax to the non resident shareholder of a Malta company. EU Jurisdiction and ideal location for setting up a holding company.

This is the perfect oppurtunity to think about a Malta offshore company and take advantage of the tax benefits the country has to offer.
Malta has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and offers a variety of different corporate tax schemes which when invoked may allow a corporate structure to benefit from corporate tax rates as low as five percent.

Malta holding companies may enjoy a full participation exemption which means that all the income tax due on both the dividends derived from a participating holding and gains from the transfer thereof, are relieved, ie no tax is due.

Softbroke recently partnered up with EMD who is a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm providing a vast array of services to both local and international clientele. Such services include company formation and administration, setting up of trusts, local and international tax consultancy and compliance, accounting, book-keeping, payroll and recruitment services.

According to Softbrokes CEO Mr Stefan Jansson, it´s  a more and more common question from our clients to launch an Malta company structure and especially because of the tax benefits and we are thrilled to partner up in a mutual partnership with EMD who help all of our clients who need expert help and support regarding the legal aspects of running an Malta company.

Over the past few years, Malta has seen a drive by successive governments to promote the islands’ development as a prime international business, financial and maritime centre.

As a result of Malta’s membership of the European Union and the consequent adoption of Community legislation, and also because Malta complies with the policies and directives of international organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Malta enjoys an excellent reputation and track record.
>In the third edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) report published in March 2008, Malta was identified as one of the top three financial centres worldwide likely to increase in importance over the next two to three years. Malta was also listed among the financial centres where operators might think of opening in the next five years. The index, which rates and ranks each major financial centre in the world in terms of its competitiveness, is issued by the City of London Corporation.

The price is €2500 and after we recieved your required documents,the company will be up and running in less then 48 hours.

Get in touch with us and launch your new Malta company.


Softbroke enters partnership with Asia Live Tech


Softbroke enters a partnership with Asia Live Tech to expand the Asian iGaming market to new regions and endless possibilities.
We are happy and excited to work with Asian gambling developer Asia Live Tech (ALT).

Softbroke has been around for a while and allready have several successfully projects going on both in the white label market but also within programming, game development and igaming platform & sportsbook development, so its pretty much natually for us to expand to other regions and oppurtunities where it does not collide with any current deal or partnerships.

Asia Live Tech is an iGaming developer and solutions provider founded in 2011 to bring gambling expertise and tools to the Asian market.
Starting with third party solutions, they quickly grew up as a self-reliant company, hiring experts and branching in many aspects of iGaming to deliver their own solutions and products, the most notable of them being the Live Dealer Casino, featuring unique games: Xoc Dia, Dragon Tiger, Belangkai, Sic Bo, Fan-Tan, Baccarat, Roulette, etc.

Asia Live Tech also provides various slots and lotteries based on the ALT games bundle which are developed by Asia Live Tech Game Development Team.

This collaboration between Asia Live Tech and Softbroke will definitely open new opportunities in the Asian iGaming market as both companies bring multiple years of experience and expertise to the table in order to provide a better solution for potential iGaming moguls.

Meet Softbroke on ICE18

Ice totally gaming is a great oppurtunity to get the maximum inspiration and meed new potential business partners from around the world.
Regardless of what you are looking for, ICE has most of it under one and same roof.
See the latest in slots, sportsbook and landbased machines and tons of more awesome stuff.

Softbroke will be attending to ICE and if you are going and want to meet up in person then contact us and we will schedule a time for a meeting
regardless if you want to discuss a potentiall business setup with up or just want to meet us in person for a chat.

Just in time for ICE we have great and new awesome things to reveal wich includes our own gaming platform and sportsbook wich basically means you can plugin any gaming license into this setup and choose your own sports feed and game suppliers and you have yourself a ready to go igame setup.
Allthought it all sounds really simple to just plug and play but if you dont have the previous knowledge about setup integrations, licensing and game providers, then we are here to help aswell.
Basically you can select any game providers, sports feed, 3:rd party games, lottery, bingo, virtual sports or whatever you have in mind and we can integrate anything seamless into the system for you and you can launch just about anything on your own requirements and go with any payment solutions that suits your needs.

Comparing to any regular white label casino & sports setup you will be having more control and you can change and add things as you like instantly,
Save time and money even though this setup is more expensive then a simple white label setup but if you believe in your idea well enough and you dont want any 3:rd party to cut in on all your earnings then this is the solution for you wich gives you 100% profit instead of the standard 65-80% percentage.

With all this said, we did not reinvent the wheel by any means, but we did find a way to get you a full setup as described at a way lower price then any of the providers you will find at ICE totally gaming 2018 and that is a fact and also, that is why we actually tell potential clients to come to ICE and see for themselves and compare with other providers available on place and just to help you on the way you can see the list of all exhibitor attending on ICE totally gaming right HERE.

So once again, if you find the time to visit ICE at london exhibition, feel free to get in touch to book a meeting with us in person.

Free marketing material

One of the big advantages for your online success is that we do provide you with free marketing tools and material for your partnership with us and in reality you will be saving tens and thousands by using our services this way.
Kickstart your promotion and let us help you on the way to success!

Our methods are very innovative and basically we give a way free working hours, production time and even bring in 3:rd parties like celebs etc in order to make your promotion material top notch and we do not ask for any payment for this work, so why you as right?

The answer is pretty simple, 
We prefer to work with a long term mutual business wich would benefit both parties,
as long as you guarantee the marketing budget and that the material will go live once done then we will be more then happy to produce all of your campaigns and material.

Affiliate marketing
This step is a huge deal for most online casinos today and a great ways to drive traffic at a minimum cost.
When you partner up with Softbroke you will get access to our own affiliate platform at no cost and you will be able to promote your brand, set comission structures, sub affiliates and ties for your affiliate business, you can actually choose if you would like to set cpa, hybrid or revenue share and its possible at any time to switch a user from cpa to revenue or the other way around.

Why wait?

Get in touch with us and see what we may offer you, if you have plans to launch your very own online casino then do it with class and a team that will bring you the best service and support, we do consider ourselves to be one of the best when it comes down to this area, you will get your dedicated manager, fast service and supports even on weekends and hollidays when possible and you don´t neet wo wait for weeks for simple design issues, colouring and small stuff, we love to work and do actually solve things often within hours!

Stay out of trouble

Unfortunately it´s not that uncommon that companies offers you a setup just like any other provider / aggregator or reseller
and they will charge you good and you will get little to no support and the launching process can take months,
actually there was this case just recent where met a gentleman who launched a sportsbetting website through another company and today, almost 6 months later still not launched!!
When it came down to payments it was crucial to get it fast in order for the setup to roll out quick and easy, well so they said and now a half year later still not functional.

There are a couple simple ways to see if the provider of your choise may be a serious one or one of theese examples described above.

* References – see if the provider have good references like othe rbrands, setups that is up and running etc.
* Try it out – Don´t just see the site, create an account, make a deposit, try the live chat, play the games, does it all work smooth?
* Mobile – is it 100% mobile ready, if not then stay away! in northern europe casino players are 90% on mobile.
* More of the company – What do they do besides this? do they make apps, solutions, design and have in house teams?
* Google them – Online you will find basically everything so simply google them up and see what comes up.

For example: if you google a person or a company and find nothing does not mean that they are doing shady business, however if you google a brand up, for example Softbroke you will find tons of stuff made by us and ammoung this over 500+ apps and games produced by us, casino setups, gaming solutions and business concepts.
You even find us on googles first page by the popular search phrases:

white label casino
white label betting
white label sportsbook
igame platform

The first search phrase: white label casino
got over 2.2 millions of hits and we are on the very first page, this is truly a good sign since a organic position like this takes around a year if you work hard and fast, no one will accomplish this in a couple months, still not convinced?
Call any seo expert and tell them you want to be on top of all leading search criterias and ask for a time and cost to reach there.

With all this said, we advise you to get in touch with us if you are looking to partner up with a serious and good provider
that actually delivers, you pay less and earn more in the long run!