Open sourcecode sportsbook platform

If you are looking for a unique sportsbook platform that is not allready all over the market then you should look into our open code
sportsbook solution.
It´s exactly what the title says: Open code sportsbook and basically that means you can do whatever you want with it.

Do you allready have a platform but you want to add sportsbetting?
You want to run your own standalone betting system?
Perhaps you are planning to target betting shops, set your own betting feed and rocket high odds and you want to skip high fees frm 3:rd party providers?

Regardless of what you are looking for, this is the solution for you and needless to say, an open code solution allows you to do exactly anything you like, change colours, white lable your own sports service, have 10 websites with the same feed and different names, its all possible here and you can even tweak this to something quite different like an unique e-sports bookie platform, integrate a totally new service wich the world has not yet seen.
There are no limitations and you may either buy the book itself and use your own team of programmers and coders to make any neccessary changes to the code to make it fit your needs.
If you dont have the proper team for development and expanding we are here to help out with any task aswell.

Get in touch to get the full picture and find out the endless possibilities of launching your very own product, save money and years of development and launch this within a couple weeks instead.

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