IPL cricket betting exchange

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during April and May of every year by 8 teams representing 8 cities of India. The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in 2008, and is regarded as the brainchild of Lalit Modi, the founder and former commissioner of the league. IPL has an exclusive window in ICC Future Tours Programme.

Cricket is a big business in many countries and the request to launch your very own betting exchange with our turnkey betting exchange software have gone from a a couple requests per month to a daily conversation.
Betting exchanges have been around for over a decade, but there are still people who don’t understand the concept as it is quite different from regular betting at bookmakers which we have become accustomed to.


Betting exchanges are transactions made between gamblers, where the bookmaker is only there to make sure that the transaction occurs and for that it charges a small commission which can be anywhere from 2% to 5%.

The popular Softbroke betting exchange uses Betfair api data feed to obtain the odds.
What our software does is to connect punters who have opposite views on the outcome of a match or a competition. In its simplest form betting exchanges enable one gambler to ‘back’ a player, a team or a horse to win, and the other gambler ‘lays’ the same player, team or horse to lose.

A bet can only be accepted if it is matched by another gambler. So for example, if you are backing Afghanistan to beat Zimbabwe in an ODI match, there must be another customer who believes that Zimbabwe and not Afghanistan will be the winner of the match. In this situation you are the one ‘backing’ the bet and the other gambler is ‘laying’ the bet.

Sites like the Softbroke betting exchange use advanced technology software which matches bets in an instant. If there are four figure bets, then the likelihood is that these bets will be matched – ‘laid’ by more than one gambler.

In betting exchanges are usually represented in decimal terms and instead of the fractional 2/1 you would get the decimal 3.00. A stake of $1 would return $3 with the stake included.

Most of the betting exchange business happens using credit or debit cards, provided that you have opened an account with the betting provider which provides you with a username and a secure password.

Finally, gamblers who lay the bets must make sure that they deposit enough funds to cover their bets. For example, if the odds that the layer is offering for Afghanistan beating Zimbabwe are 1.67 and another gambler backs this result with a $100 deposit, then the layer must make sure that he has at least $167 in his account to pay out the backer if this turns out to be a winning bet.

Lsports odds feed now available

We have fully integrated Lsports into our SoftMatrix sportsbook software so you can display highly accurate and
live in play data directly from Lsports through the system for your players.
Keep your customers coming back for more with live ongoing, wide coverage: 35 different sports, monthly events (100,000 pre-match, 30,000 in-play), and 100+ bookmakers worldwide.

Simply pick the sports and events that suits your needs and you do not have to pay for anything you don´t want and
grab the LSports integration with our special discounted pricing we can offer you when going with one of our software
solutions and Lsports data feed integrated.
To map a new data feed provider from scratch may take several months for sure to complete but with our SoftMatrix system
its allready on place, simply select the system you want to go with by browsing our sportsbook demos
and if you want to use the Lsports data feed into it, we guarantee you will be having the setup installed within 48 hours and the
data feed on place as long as you have the credentials ready.

Lsports data feed includes:

 Lightning-fast in-play data with the lowest latency in the market (0-1 seconds).
All-in-one data lifecycle: fixtures, livescore, statistics, odds and market settlement.
Easy and smooth integration process alongside various code samples.
Reduced operational costs; manual work is replaced with an automated solution.
Data coverage with an average of 100,000 pre-match events per month across 35 sports.


Big brand odds data provider actually buys odds data feed from other providers too, so basically you can get this
exact same odds feed through other providers but with topped up prices, with this said
before you go with any other odds feed provider, get in touch and lets compare services and pricing,
why pay more elsewhere when you can have the same result but still from an official odds provider?

New sportsbook software released

We have just released a new facelifted and cutting edge design for one of our latest SoftMatrix Sportsbetting setup.

The new BarneyRoss.com setup is powered by the popular Softbroke´s SoftMatrix igaming system where we pulled
off an attractive design and added a few more casino games and also including the poker software into the setup.
The structure of the system is very easy for any development team with skills in PHP / Cake and we allow you to add, 
change, build and rebuild anything you want and need into the code since we deliver you the open sourcecode software.
Have a look at our demo website and see all the features.

The system is ready to go with real money gambling and well known payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill, Bank transfer 
and also a new feature we added and calling the Credit module which is ideal for anyone who wishes to use a betting system
with the ability for the users to fill out certain parameters and apply for instant credit, the system automatically
generates a YES or NO depending on your settings related to this specific setup.

Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies are also included as payment gateway and using direct integration into the blockchain
players can deposit BTC directly to your wallet using the payment gateway, once its verified and recieved into your wallet
the players account gets funded with the ammount paid.

CoinPayments is another payment gateway also allready included in the software and offers over 1000 different crypto currencies
to be accepted into the system with a few easy clicks, very simple and very easy.

Our software options comes as open sourcecode and with this said you can rebrand the games as you like, add your own logo, branding, colours and you can rebuild the setup to look like something totally different as you wish, if you do not have the skills or “know how”
to pull this off, simply hire us to build your very own custom design.

Open sourcecode betting platform

Become your own sportsbook operator with our platform

The main difference between a simple white label setup and running your very own platfom is quite big and you miss out on big functions
by going for the white label, on the other hand it´s cheaper and faster though.

With our open sourcecode sportsbook solution you will be able to controll the odds yourself, its your call if you want to raise or lower the odds and if you like you may offer the worlds highest odds if you like, its all up to you.
The sportsbook platform is a cloud based system with endless possibilities with risk management and fully prepared and compatible with BetRadar´s unicode feed.
If you like, you can basically add any 3:rd party data feed provider by mapping the feed into the system without limitations.
With this said, its up to you if you want to keep our standard design or totally rebuild the design to match your ideas.
If you don´t have the manpower or time to rebuild design and functions then we are still here and available to custom build your sportsbook setup as you like.

When owning your own sportsbook you dont have any limitations like a white label client and you dont need to wait for weeks and paying extras,
since this is an unencrypted solution it pretty much means that you can do any changes and add new functions within seconds 24/7.

So what are the big differences between owning your own sportsbook platform and buying a white label & turnkey solution?

The white label solutions is when the operator holds the license and you pretty much borrows the functions, license, payment gateways and game providers and they will take a cut of your revenue, for example its common you start of with 65-70% and then climbing up to around 85% once you earn more money.

When running your very own platform, sportsbook, casino or whatever you will actually be the provider wich offcourse also means initially
a higher cost to start it all but in the long run, instead of having the 65-70% initially you will get 100% from day 1 and needless to say, much more freedom.
What you would need to have is your own system and you can either build this yourself and put a year or two in development, or you can buy the ready to go package from us today and within 14 days you can have your own igaming platform and sportsbook up and running:
If you need license, malta company and other things, we can also assist with this aswell to give you a fully dynamic and working system
and with this you can basically sell your own white label setups to new clients if you like, as you will be the operator!

Softbroke´s open sourcecode sportsbook platform allows you to do whatever you like, if you want to go big, you should have a look at our sportsbook solutions and launch your own operator business today.

Open sourcecode sportsbook platform

If you are looking for a unique sportsbook platform that is not allready all over the market then you should look into our open code
sportsbook solution.
It´s exactly what the title says: Open code sportsbook and basically that means you can do whatever you want with it.

Do you allready have a platform but you want to add sportsbetting?
You want to run your own standalone betting system?
Get in touch with us today to find out more about our open sportsbook sourcecode!