Bitcoin casino open sourcecode software

Have a look at out latest addition to our open sourcecode online casino.
The system is based on the Softbroke Softmatrix gaming system with twice as many games,
Basically the casino games have all got a great facelift with graphics, sounds and functions.
comparing to our previous casinos and sportsbook setups we added 22 more games, meaning this setup contains all in total 44 awesome casino games such as the popular Zombie Hustle, Arabian nights, Red light and other great ones.
The great thing with the Softbroke Softmatrix system is that you can easilly change, tweak and rebuild not only the frontend design but you can also modify the actual game codes, for example if you want to rename and change graphics in the actual game, its fully possible to do so!
This mean you can put your own images, logos, sounds and make any game your very own customized game ready to roll out and this is something no other provider will offer you for sure.
Needless to say, we kept the functions where you can change the winning outcome, percentage and maximum winnings manually from the admin control panel which is a great feature and lets you control the actual flow of the player funds and activities.

Try the new Flipper Casino, feel free to sign up and use the bonus code FLIPPER100 to get free credits to play with.
If you want to launch your very own online casino where you can accept Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies along with more traditional payment gateways, you can have this setup all done and installed onto any server that you chose with full open sourcecode within 48 hours, a truly amazing deal and with a solid marketing strategy you can be successfull online within days.

How to Market your Online Casino Brand With Affiliate Sites

Once you’ve thought about establishing your online casino, the real hard work starts with marketing it. Other than optimising your site with SEO and setting up PPC ads – both of which takes a lot of work – another easy, straightforward way to market your brand effortlessly is with affiliate sites.

What are Affiliates?
You’ve probably come across a few websites which advertise a lot of different online casinos, but don’t seem to be a casino themselves. These are known as affiliate marketing sites, or “affiliates”, and they make their money by promoting their online casino partners to players who arrive at their website, looking for recommendations of where to play. Think about them as the ‘middleman’ between players and online casino brands. A good way to distinguish between an affiliate brand and an online casino is to see how many games there are on the site. For example, a site like Peters Casino clearly has a variety of games to play, while an affiliate website like would have none immediately apparent.


How Affiliate Sites Work
Affiliate sites are used across all different industries – not just online gaming! You’ll find affiliate sites for flights and vacation packages, financial information and insurance, all manner of retail and more. Interestingly, all affiliate sites work in the same way, but using the example of a player looking for a top online casino to play at:
• A potential player looks for an online casino to play at,
• They find an online casino affiliate site, which lists several brands to choose from,
• The player chooses one they like, and are transported to a casino,
• The online casino then pays the affiliate site an agreed upon amount, which can be based on a variety of things including the amount of the new player’s first deposit, their lifelong spend etc.

Using an Affiliate Site to Help Market Your Online Casino
The basic premise of affiliate marketing sites is that they take the hassle out of finding new players, because they attract them themselves.
This is just one benefit of many:
• Attracting high quality users, who are interested in playing at your casino and being continuing loyal customers.
• The ‘extras’ provided by affiliate marketing sites including user guides, updated casino-related news and good value for money for players.
• Player support: affiliate marketing sites can sometimes step in if a player is having an issue with a specific casino, as casinos can be slow to respond sometimes.
• Affiliate marketing sites are considered trustworthy by users, and so are much more likely to convert them to players.


Other Ways to Market Your Online Casino Site
Of course, jumping straight in and deciding to use a casino affiliate site is a big decision! Having said that the results are often astonishingly effective, although some casino sites choose to try other methods of marketing, alongside or in place of affiliates. Some common methods of these are:
– SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) – this involves a skilled application of specific keywords used by players in search engines and sprinkling these across various content types and landing pages. This can be hard work and is not an advised method for someone not familiar with SEO practices.
– PPC – (Pay Per Click) – using paid Google adverts (these are easy to identify, as they say sponsored underneath) to attract potential players, which appear at the top of a search for specific keywords. One example of this is “minimum deposit” – using the correct search query will bring you to a link leading to a site like which then contains the information needed.
– Social media – Advertising your casino or having a brand page on popular social media sites, is a popular way for casinos to find new and interested players.

Bottom Line
Marketing your new casino brand with an online casino affiliate site is a great way to find new players – just make sure that you understand the terms of doing so, and that you’ll be paying an affiliate site part of the money you receive from new players.

Start your casino with our gaming platform

Start your own casino, sportsbetting website using our AniMatrix iGame platform and you can be up and running within a couple weeks.
Our gaming platform have been developed during a period over 8 years and you can rest asure that this is a rock solid system.
When starting your own casino you should consider a copuple of things first,

1. Are you just looking for a setup with little to no engagement from your end besides drive traffic? if so YES we do have a cheap solution.

2. Do you want to take this step way ahead and control your own CRM, support and manage the system? if so YES we got it covered aswell.

The Softbroke AniMatrix system is allready packed with all the tools you will be needing for a successfully online business and with this said,
we know that you can run a successfully online busines using our platform solution.
Needless to say that its not quite easy as it used to be to promote a online casino, you have to be smart with new ideas and preferably something tha market has not seen yet, like a simple function, a new approach or new markets to reach and by teaming up with Softbroke we can give you brand new and innovative methods with is not live yet.
Save time and money and go with our syste, its up right now, its ready and its clud based and can handle any heavy traffic with no issues what so ever.
Regardless if what you need, get in touch as we can offer you lottery, bingo, casino, virtual sports, poker, scratch and more, your new online success is just around the corner with the Softbroke AniMatrix iGaming system.
There are no easy and chep trix in making it in the igaming industry today, but what you need for sure is a system that can manage all aspects of your business with no issues and what you would like looking for would also be a partner who knows what they are doing,
With this said, you can buy a india igaming platform for a couple hundred euros / dollars, but you need to keep in mind that you actually get what you pay for aswell.
At Softbroke we have met clients and companies from all over thw world who all have done that very same misstake, to try going with a platform developed over a short period if time with a tech team that doesnt really understand the actual concept of online gambling as the functions itself taking any API feed from a game provider and plug it into a system can be done over the weekend, but in reality its not even close to the actual and compliant system you really do need to have a perfect and seamless sytem.
If you are looking for a solid system with a team who really knows what they are doing, you should atleast get in touch with us to see the Softbroke AniMAtrix system live and learn about its potential, we know this is a solid system, you need to see it aswell.

Meet Softbroke at SIGMA17

Meet us in person and let´s discuss your options in launching your very own online casino or sports betting website at SIGMA17.
Find the best solution to your online gaming with our innovative solutions where we can combine the different game providers and services and offer you the very best setup solution according to your needs.

The thing with softbroke,
If we don´t have exactly what you are looking for, ask anyway because in many cases we can set you up with a good solutions anyway
through 3:rd parties and still keep the prices down.

Untill now we have launched many great white label partner sites with some really awesome people and with this said, you can rest asure that you will get the best possible support and service once you decide to launch your very own white label solution with us and we do want to highlight that you do not need to pay excessive ammounts of money to launch your online casino like other providers requires,
times like theese in late 2017 we have come so far in the white label evolution and pushed down all prices to the bottom wich basically means that you can save over 30K euro setup fee (comparing to other providers and aggregators) by going with Softbroke instead,
in the end the games is still from the big providers like NetEnt, Quickfire, Elk and other top leading providers and the setup we offer you is just great, before you decide to launch your online casino – have a chat with us and find out more about our services.

If you attend SIGMA17 then get in touch and let´s meet!

Mobile casino


White Label is a complete turnkey project of online casino ready for a successful release, requiring only a brand new name and design, selected according to your personal preferences.

Softbroke offers cross-functional software solutions like White Label projects in order to provide you with online casino projects ready to be released in the tightest timelines possible, requiring minimum expenses and reducing your personal involvement into the development process.

A license

We offer an opportunity of launching an online casino within a valid licence, issued by a company enabling gambling businesses to function in a legal and lawful manner under an established jurisdiction.

A gaming platform

Ensures management and control over all of the segments and constituents of your online casino project.

An exclusive design

Our specialists come up with exclusive designs that might make your online project stand out among the rest of the same-type gambling resources, developed on the average templates.

A server

Turnkey online casino website is installed on the 100% secure server, guaranteeing high pass-through capacity and trouble-proof 24/7 functioning of your business.

Integration of games

We provide our clients with high-quality gaming content catered by the best developers and leaders of the contemporary gambling market, such as Microgaming, Amatic, Endorphina, Tom Horn, etc.

Integration of payment systems

We integrate all sorts of payment systems and payment methods upon your request, including: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Wirecard, Webmoney, Neteller, QIWI, eMerchantPay, etc. Additionally, it is possible to integrate such exclusive payment systems as Bitcoin.

A white label casino setup will include everything you need and the mobile ready version is a must today,
if you dont have a mobile casino then you are not in the game!

Swedish white label casino

Launching your very own online casino have never been easier, with Softbroke you can launch your very own online casino
with dual licenses from UK and Malta combined with dozens of game providers.

We just launched the fully dynamic Swedish language into the system wich means that through us you can quick launch your very own
casino including mobile casino fully translated and even currency ready.

Today we got several languages option in white label casino to choose from and you can just sit right back while we design and push your online casino online ready to go.

We have several success stories from partners who went whole ten yard and reinvested all its profits into marketing straight away
and built a steady brand with quality players, all based on our setup and 100% without coding skills.
Why should you make it harder then it needs to be?
With our turnkey solution you are ready to go live with a multi language online casino website and all you have to do is to market the site and everything else will be handled by 3:rd professional support team.

Our vision is to be a top tier gaming services and solutions provider, across both Europe and the US, with a focus on casino and player entertainment.

  • Studios with key strengths in casino games based on strong math, with a focus on HTML5 formats.
  • Exclusive or limited-release titles from vendors like Konami available for the first time in Europe.
  • A wide range of game suppliers: games from US land-based casinos, as well as creative European studios, creating a balanced portfolio with a mixture
    volatility and game styles.
  • All games in HTML5 format highlighting Softbroke`s focus on mobile casino
  • Games certified by UKGC and Gibraltar regulators – Contact us for more details on available certifications.
  • The Evolve Lite gaming platform provides access to a mystery jackpot and free spins module working seamlessly across all integrated vendors and other
    meta-game features scheduled for release in Q4 2017.

Start a casino with NO setup fee?

The latest trend is in running your very own white label casino is here and we are the first to launch it as a service too.
The basics are simple, the no setup fee white label casino is a ready to run online casino we allready have in stock, you can simply skip the setup fee and go with one of our own casino brands.

White label casino is a fully turnkey website that is licenced with one or several gambling licenses where people can play online slots, live casino and other fun games for real money.
With our smart turnkey solution you do not need to do anything at att besides drive traffic to the site and the rest is handled for you.
In this package you pay a monthly fee wich covers our basic services:

* 24/7 customer support on the site
* automatically updates with new game releases
* Account verifications
* Payout services
* Website design and tweaks
* Email marketing to all registred cliens you provide
* Freespins
* Bonus deposit offers
* UK and Malta licensed

Put your energy into marketing and earn straight away and recieve monthly payouts.
Casino business is going well and here is your chance to get a piece of the action.
Get in touch with us today and see if we have a online casino in stock ready for you to run straight out of the box.
You may also have a look at our white label casino setup if you want to launch your very own brand name and fully customize it
to reach out to specific targets and countries.

White label casino setup from 15K

If you are looking to start your very own online casino then you sould definately get in touch with us!
We work like no other game provider or broker, we do soenthing totally different and unique and set you up with a generally higher revenue
from day one PLUS we also keep you on a low monthly fee wich basically only cover our own costs.

The general setup with other providers is normally around 15 to 25.000 euros and for what its worth, its probaly a good deal too,
Untill you found your way here to Softbroke that will say.
Instead of the traditional setup fee of the mentioned amounts we charge less then 10.000 euros for a fully turnkey casino setup with over 400 games wich also includes jackpot games, mini games, live casino with 24/7 action, all in crisp and smooth graphics and fully mobile ready.

Just for you get the picture of what you will get then have a look at SkippyCasino, its a wonderful casino ready with Malta and UK license and all loaded with awesome games and a turnkey engine wich basically means that all you have to do is to pick your domain and drive traffic to the site and we handle the rest!

Is it true? Oh yes for sure
We handle everything from account verifications, payouts, customer service, live support, banking, automatical updates and everything else that comes along with running a online casino, leaving you with the easy and fun part and that is to advertise and drive traffic to your brand new online casino and recieve a great kickback revenue on all losses for life.

Don´t go into the trap thinking just because you pay 50.000 euros with other providers and up to 10.000 monthly fees you automatically get a better and more awesome site, the truth is that all games still comes from the same game providers, all licences are running on the same basis and the setup is similar, only with us you can set up your white label online casino at a fraction of the cost with other providers and keep the rest of the money and spend it on marketing instead.
For us, this is fair game for both parties and we have this idea to keep our customer on a longer business relationship rather then charge you high fees wich causes many casino to go bankruptcy before they get a honest chance to grow.

White label casino with us is easy since you get everything served turnkey ready to go,
So if you made it this far and planning to launch your own casino online, then feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can start your online success in the gaming industry.

Benefits of our white label casino

Launching a online casino have never been easier and cheaper to run,
while our competetors charge you 50.000 euros or more we can do the very same setup for you under 10.000 euros.
You will also be given high revenue from day one and full support and we handle basically everything for you while you do the very fun part like marketing, making your own commercials and watch the player revenue growing from a powerful backend to your white label casino.

Anybody can run a casino today and you do not need any prior skills in coding, website development or anything, we handle your business for you and this very way you can focus in marketing efforts instead.
Depending on your targeting country / countries, there are different ways to market your services and the prices are very different depending on what you are looking at.

For example, Tv commercials is always attractive because in general it gives the website a general bigger sense of trustworthy and establishment rather then just posting som ads on social media or email marketing, however both ways are proven generating good results.

In order to start your own online casino, simply choose your brand name and buy the domain first.
If you don´t find a suitable domain you may choose one of our premium domains from our stock to go with.
Once the domain name is settled we launch your online casino with over 400 games including live casino and jackpot games just like any other casino operator and reseller but the main thing here is that you can actually buy the very base of setup through Softbroke as you can with any other casino operator but save you more then 40.000 euro in setup fee plus you save yourself plenty of percentage losses and high monthly fees by launching your online casino website with us.
Our idea with this low cost setup is that we want our customers to be able to focus in putting their money on marketing instead rather then charging high fees, in this way all parties earn better in the long run.

Feel free to get in touch today to find out the very best deals and our awesome setup fees for launching your very own online casino.