Custom brand your own games


We are constantly adding new games to the SoftMatrix igaming system and people often ask about branding so this post would be about
the possibility to custom brand your own casino games on the SoftMatrix igame system.

Just to give you an example, all the casino games you see on are what we call, in house games and basically means that
all the games comes with the actual code and possibility to change the name, logos, title and every bit of graphic and sounds.
This also means that for example we select the game called Skippy Fortune and you want to make our ow version of this, lets say you want a pirate theme and change the kangaroo with captain jack and have your website branded all over the loading screen, the simple answer is YES you can do this and its possible to do so on every single game available on the system.

Slots are super popular and you can rebrand and remake as many games needed.
Another popular game is the Softbroke´s virtual game Horse Racing which has gone crazy popular not only on our demo websites but also
on 3:rd party websites and on social media to play just for fun.

This same principal applies to the Softbroke Poker Engine aswell, yo uhave the access to reskin, rebuild and rebrand the setup as your very
own product with or without any softbroke branding and this concept makes us unique comparing to our competetors who mainly offer you the very same fees but they will maintain the system with no access for you and normally take 20-30% of your total net earnings.*
The bottom line is that you will be able to control this system as you wish and when setting the system up, you can select custom branding of the website and also simply add the products you want to go with that and right now we offer Sportsbetting, Casino games, scratch card, Virtual sports, Poker, Bingo and Keno.