Custom branded casino games

When buying our open sourcecode sportsbook & casino platform you get access to 12 in house casino games, offcourse fully open sourcecode which you can re-skin simple and easy.

Swap the images, add your tunes and logo and you got yourself your very own online asino games which are all fully mobile ready and integrated with our turnkey SoftMatrix iGaming platoform.

We offer a fully dynamic casino plugin into our Sportsbetting platform where you can set the actually winning percentage and you can control the maximum winning ammount on each game separately, this way you can control the entire flow of the website simple and easy.

Since theese games are included into the platform purchase you will get 100% commission from all player activities, we take no percentage or revenue once you start your business.
The SoftMatrix platform can be on place fully installed on your servers within a couple days.

We believe i straight foraward business without making things too complcated and that is why we go mainstream and offer the solution no one else is doing, Fully open sourcecode, no encryptions and no nomtly fees from our side.

You will get full access to the platform which is being installed onto your servers and we help you set the basics and from here, you or your team of choise can edit and develop anything you want.
If you need further development from our side then we are alwaus on stand by to help you with new features and functions.

The system is built in php / cake and uses Mysql which makes it easy and understandable for most of the programmers today with you as a customer in mind since the whole idea of the SoftMatrix platform is for you to be able to run your very own sportsbetting & casino website simple and easy without expensive montly fees and still be able to manage everything yourself.