Start your own online Bingo and Keno business.
We have adapted the new era of Bingo and Keno generation and made a simple and clean version of our SoftMatrix igaming platfom focused on Bingo, Keno and casino games.
The business model is simple, you can have your own online bingo website up and running within 48 hours with real money gambling option and of course bitcoin + 1000 other crypto currencies.
With this turnkey software you can be online within a couple days with your own online bingo and casino system, simply brand it, change the colour as you like and you are all set to promote real money gambling with bingo, keno and Casino games.

You control the winning occurence, player deposits and set your own rules across the system and all player deposits goes directly to you and you get to keep 100% profit and another good thing would be that the system is made in PHP and Cake with Html5 games and is well known for most developers and teams to understand the code and functions.
You may redesign, change theme layout and reskin the games as you wish, there is no limit of what you can achieve with our open sourcecode systems.

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How the bingo system works

From the C-panel you can manage everything related to games, winning occurence, paytable and other relevant setting connected to each game separately.
For example you can decide that the winning percentage on a specific game of your choise should be 90% but with a maximum win of 10 usd / euro or whatever currency you will be using while on another game you set the percentage to win to only 1% but the big jackpot should be any ammount of your choise instead.
This way you are in control of the gameflow alot more then going with a 3:rd party provider of games.
Additional games can be integrated with sobe basic skills in programming, or you can consult with us to do this for you.

Bingo software

Real money gambling system with Bingo, Keno and casino games.

Real money

Accept payments online from leading providers and bitcoin.

100% profit

You get to keep 100% profit, no revenue split to us.

The key of success is to make the product simple to use and attractive to players.
Our Bingo system is fully dynamic and ready to use, you do not need any programing skills or prior experience with online gambling and the best part is that you will be having full control.
After installation and settings of your very own online bingo website, simply focus in the fun part, marketing!, this will be your main interest, to drive traffic and see your new online bingo business grow.
In certain region of the world, online payments may be restricted or limited,thats why we also added cash payments so you or your agents can recieve cash payments and simply put credits on the player accounts to be used instantly.

Bonus codes & no deposit bonuses.
You can add unlimited bonuses to attract new players and create limits, for example the first 100 players who signs up and enter any pre-defined bonus code added by you the will get a special treat like a certain ammount to play with.
You can also add multiple bonuses, one for signup and another for deposits, this way you can do marketing campaigns where you offer a match up bonus to 100% or an specific ammount.
Theese kinds of promotions are truly effective with the right marketing.

Bonuses are widely used in the online gambling industry and we have this feature allready implemented into the system ready for you to activate.

Multiple payment gateways is allready included and integrated.
The system uses Bitcoin, fiat and other cryptocurrencies wich means you can actually run your online Bingo anywhere in the world without any requirement of a gambling license, every placed bet will go to your wallet and payout will be on the same basis, you controll it all as you like!
Besides crypto deposits the system also includes PayPal, Skrill, NovinPal and cash payment (for bet shops and resellers).
Visa & mastercard etc can be added aswell but needs to be applied for wich we can help you with aswell.

We provide you with the system and you can use it as you like and target any country or juristriction as you want.
Gambling license or not, its all up to you how you want to play this, we provide you the system with payment options, sports feed and premium responsiv theme design and brand it as you like and from here you can run your very own online bingo website simple and easy.

Softbroke Bingo software

  • 100% commission on all gambling activities
  • NO revenue to 3:rd parties
  • Affiliate referal system included
  • create your own bonus codes
  • multi language
  • Risk management system
  • Bitcoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies accepted
  • Paypal, Skrill and other payment gateways integrated
  • Create your own content
  • Landbased shop functions

The setup is ready to go, chose your domain name and go with the platform.
We do not ask for any percentage of your gaming earnings, just a one time purchase, thats it.

Save literary tons of money and many months of development by going with the Softbroke SoftMatrix turnkey

All payments goes to you directly, this way you get 100% commission directly,
winnings can easilly be covered by player losses and you can build your own online empire quick and easy.

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