Start your own online poker business with the Softbroke SoftMatrix Poker system.

We have created the SoftMatrix Poker system with you in mind.
Fully open sourcecode and you can have it all online within48 hours branded with your own logo, colours and full access to add, change or tweak the system just the way you want it.
Launch your own tournaments and regular games and create your very own poker community with our turnkey Poker system. Create Unlimited Poker Rooms and Tables for your users. Ideal for big poker sites, but also great for startups who want to find out what your users like to play, and with how many users they’d like to play at once.

Poker system

Real money gambling Poker software.

Real money gambling

Accept over 1000 currencies instantly

100% profit

Money you earn is yours to keep!

Open sourcecode

Full access to the entire sourcecode
  • 100% Responsive
  • Chat System Integrated
  • Player Statistics
  • Easily Editable
  • Unlimited Tables
  • Template System
  • Tournament Features
  • Casino games included
  • Open sourcecode
  • Bonus code & promotion system

SoftMatrix Poker software

We can go on and on telling you about our software solutions and this one is NO exception.

Due to a high volume of requests we finally released the SoftMatrix Poker software which allows you to run your very own online poker but not only that, we also included table games, Bingo and Keno games to give some more volume to the website.

All games such as casino, bingo and keno games in this setup including the actual poker client is all in house and by that it means you do not need any 3:rd party agreements, no licensing or any other thing in order to bring the system up and running and you will be having full control.

Attract players.
Not only does the system have a turnkey and funtional multiplayer poker engine but as an extra addon you can also choose to add extra products such as Virtual sports – Horse racing and Greyhound and you can even addon our well known and highly popular sportsbetting platform on top of the poker engine to attract even more players.
If you prefer a fully custom design we are able to basically build any design you like, if you want the same design as your favourite online poker website? No problm at all, we can build it just like that.

Redesign everything as you like.
All games and even the poker engine is fully open for customizations, you can add or change graphics, layout and even totally reskin the entite website and all games that goes with it to something brand new to match your ideas.

Multiple payment gateways is allready included and integrated.
The system uses Bitcoin, fiat and other cryptocurrencies wich means you can actually run your online Poker anywhere in the world without any requirement of a gambling license, every placed bet will go to your wallet and payout will be on the same basis, you controll it all as you like!
Besides crypto deposits the system also includes PayPal, Skrill, NovinPal and cash payment (for bet shops and resellers) and more.

We provide you with the system and you can use it as you like and target any country or juristriction as you want.
Gambling license or not, its all up to you how you want to play this, we provide you the system with payment options, sports feed and premium responsiv theme design and brand it as you like and from here you can run your very own poker business fast, easy and with 100% profit.

System features

The SoftMatrix Poker system comes with

* Full igaming platform
* Poker engine with your own community
* Basic casino game package
* Basic table games package
* Multiple payment gateways
* Open sourcecode for everything
* Responsive & fresh design
* Bonus system
* Agent & affiliate engine
* Bingo & Keno game

The SoftMatrix Poker system is fully compatible with extra addon products:

* In-play sportsbetting
* Live sportsbetting
* Full range of casino games
* Virtual casino games
* Premium Bingo and Keno
* Lottery system
* Custom designed per request

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