Open sourcecode betting platform

Become your own sportsbook operator with our platform

The main difference between a simple white label setup and running your very own platfom is quite big and you miss out on big functions
by going for the white label, on the other hand it´s cheaper and faster though.

With our open sourcecode sportsbook solution you will be able to controll the odds yourself, its your call if you want to raise or lower the odds and if you like you may offer the worlds highest odds if you like, its all up to you.
The sportsbook platform is a cloud based system with endless possibilities with risk management and fully prepared and compatible with BetRadar´s unicode feed.
If you like, you can basically add any 3:rd party data feed provider by mapping the feed into the system without limitations.
With this said, its up to you if you want to keep our standard design or totally rebuild the design to match your ideas.
If you don´t have the manpower or time to rebuild design and functions then we are still here and available to custom build your sportsbook setup as you like.

When owning your own sportsbook you dont have any limitations like a white label client and you dont need to wait for weeks and paying extras,
since this is an unencrypted solution it pretty much means that you can do any changes and add new functions within seconds 24/7.

So what are the big differences between owning your own sportsbook platform and buying a white label & turnkey solution?

The white label solutions is when the operator holds the license and you pretty much borrows the functions, license, payment gateways and game providers and they will take a cut of your revenue, for example its common you start of with 65-70% and then climbing up to around 85% once you earn more money.

When running your very own platform, sportsbook, casino or whatever you will actually be the provider wich offcourse also means initially
a higher cost to start it all but in the long run, instead of having the 65-70% initially you will get 100% from day 1 and needless to say, much more freedom.
What you would need to have is your own system and you can either build this yourself and put a year or two in development, or you can buy the ready to go package from us today and within 14 days you can have your own igaming platform and sportsbook up and running:
If you need license, malta company and other things, we can also assist with this aswell to give you a fully dynamic and working system
and with this you can basically sell your own white label setups to new clients if you like, as you will be the operator!

Softbroke´s open sourcecode sportsbook platform allows you to do whatever you like, if you want to go big, you should have a look at our sportsbook solutions and launch your own operator business today.