Enrich your gambling website with cryptocurrency payment gateway!

Are you wondering how you can make your gambling website even better? No matter if you manage the lottery platform or online casino – we have a solution that will bring you new customers – crypto payment gateway!

Paycoiner – accept crypto payments now! 

Think like your customers and notice their needs, accepting cryptocurrency payments on your gambling website. Reportedly over 50% of customers leave the intend to make a purchase or deposit during the payment process. What is the reason? Limited payment options. A credit card is not the only way to transfer the funds, and many people look for their favorite payment methods. With the development of technology, we have to be aware that our business should also offer new solutions, like digital money.

Cryptocurrencies are, in other words, the virtual money with a different value. Same as fiat money, there are many different cryptocurrencies, offering slightly different features. Thanks to the technology they’re built on, they offer speed of transaction and avoiding the third-party. 

How to introduce them to your business?

Paycoiner’s team consists of specialists in the crypto world. We will teach you about a new form of payment and implement any cryptocurrency you want on your gambling website. With us, you can receive funds from customers in cryptocurrency or traditional currencies – the decision is yours!