Use the setup below for server credentials
Operating system: Cent OS 7
Dedicated Server 6-Core
+ SSD 500 GB x 1
Click to continue with the server purchase,
After finalization and you get the
server credentials & login we can install
the system for you at free of chage.

We recommend using theese credentials to guarantee the system and setup to be working smooth and fine.
If you choose any other server provider we cannot guarantee the gaming system to be fully compatible with your ongoing setup.
After you have completed the server purchase and setup, simply pass us the login credentials and we setup your new Softbroke SoftMatrix gaming system online within 48 hours.

The server will be located in Germany which is good in many ways, if you are running from a gambling restricted country or not able to do online gambling services in your region, this will work just fine and accept world wide traffic.
Be sure you are getting the C-panel option as its needed in order to fully control the website.
Since the service is fully scalable, you can upgrade the package at any time, no need to get the most powerful solution from day 1.