Popular & turnkey sportsbook & casino software

Finally you can get rid of all 3:rd party costs and restrictions, run your very own betting system where you actually get 100% commission on every bet placed and you will get the payment instantly on every bet you YOUR account, not any 3:rd party, there is no other system or white label setup who offer you this!
We provide you with the full setup and you will be ready to run within 7 days and to a fractional of the costs compared to other providers.

* 100% commission on every bet from players
* Pre match
* In play sports
* Affiliate & agent system
* Betshop function with cloud based ticket printing
* Bitcoin payment integrated
* Paypal, Skrill and other payment gateways integrated

Run your own betting setup, control the odds and keep all earnings yourself on premiere league, champions league and more!
Create your very own sports categories and manage the odds as you like, tweak the odds to have the best odds online or go with the neutral flow of the allready integrated sports feed.
Sports feed includes Football, tennis, formula 1, basketball, rugby, cycling, golf, volleyball, handball, cricket, ice hockey, americal football, motorcycling, boxing, nascar and other sports aswell – you can start your online sportsbetting website within 7 days!

* Change the odds as you like
* Suspend any wager, odds or game whenever neccessary
* Control the live and in play sports 24/7

Full controll over players, affiliates and agents!
See every player activity, allow or decline bets from certain players, create new players directly within the system and transfer funds to any player or staff member with a simple click from the backoffice.
Assign people with different rights to the system, admin, operator, cashier or agent so they can work with your system without having full rights to sensitive details and you can either charge them or fund their accounts anytime.

  • create unlimited affiliates, shops, admins or cashiers in a simple click
  • Charge or fund accounts instantly within the system
  • See all registred details of every player
  • Full control over all staff and players within the system.

Softbroke sportsbetting system overview

Probaly by now you allready know there are hudreds of providers who claims to give you the very best white label setups and platform solutions with prices starting at €40-50.000 euros just to have it online with a 10K, 20K or even greater monthly fee in order to keep the odds flowing and the system to be working but in reality you do not really have to pay theese ammounts, so why should you do that?
We can offer you a fully open solution as a montly payment basis or one time payout and you will be earning 100% of the commissions with no 3:rd party costs or fees besides your domain name and servers.
Feel free to look around with other providers, ask them for a setup where you get 100% and the possiblillity to buyout the entire system with the same functions and possibillities as this very setup and you will surely find out that this one is truly a rock solid cost effective system.
When buying the system its literally yours to keep or start your sportsbook under €20.000 

Multiple payment gateways is allready included and integrated.
The system uses Bitcoin, fiat and other cryptocurrencies wich means you can actually run your online sportsbook anywhere in the world without any requirement of a gambling license, every placed bet will go to your wallet and payout will be on the same basis, you controll it all as you like!
Besides crypto deposits the system also includes PayPal, Skrill, NovinPal and cash payment (for bet shops and resellers).
Visa & mastercard etc can be added aswell but needs to be applied for wich we can help you with aswell.

We provide you with the system and you can use it as you like and target any country or juristriction as you want.
Gambling license or not, its all up to you how you want to play this, we provide you the system with payment options, sports feed and premium responsiv theme design and brand it as you like and from here you can run your very own sportsbetting business fast, easy and with 100% profit.

Just to compare pricing

If you have a high budget and you want a full and complete igame system including sportsbook with your own license, any kind of odds feed, casino, lottery or any other products in the system the price easilly exceeds €150K and then you have the monthly fees on top of that and maybe you need technical staff, servers and other related things what can bring a massive monthly fee.
We can actually provide you with all this since we allready have the system and the capability to set this up for you within a resonable time, however
if you are looking for a sportsbook platform with a one time cost or monthly rent without setup fee for less cost but still keep the high quality that players then you just might want to look into this sportsbook setup wich will give you the benefits of running your own betting empire without the high costs involved and if you want, you can upgrade or move to a bigger platform solution at anytime you want.

The platform includes everything such as backoffice, risk management, clients, affiliate and shop functions and the payment methods is integrated.
Its possible to actually integrate any kind of payment gateway, its not really any issue at all to do any kind of customization either by yourself or we can do it aswell.
Multi languages and adapted to your colour choise, logo and branding according to your needs so when installed it will be a fully turnkey sportsbook platform ready to use all set within 7 days.

This is a complete solution with everything to account registration, odds management and cashout, easy to understand and ready to go
and there is even more functions to the platform and one of the big ones is BONUSES!
Yes you can offer any kind of bonus to the player, read below.

Basically you can add any bonus code, for example BONUS20 to give 20 euro / usd or any other currency as a bonus, the bonus amount and what code to use is all controlled by you so you can can create very own custom bonus codes either for yourself or affiliates to work with.
The account will automatically be credited according to the settings you decide with the frames of the bonus code you create and you can see how many times the code have been used.

Bonus codes are really effective ways to engage new and old players and you can schedule and controll the bonuses as you like.
There are no limits for bonuses, if you want to give everyone €1000 sports bonus you can do so, the only limit is what you actually can afford to cover if the players actually wins.

Need a bet shop function?
this is allready integrated with cloud function and you can use a portabel or stationary thermal printer or bet shop computer.
This way you can target actual shops with the online based platform solution wich is a really popular way in many countries aswell.

The function is great for shops and events, you can have in house staff or affiliates gaining offline bets using shop function and get a bet slip on paper wich they can control anytime online in their phone or tablet and even in the connected shops.
Right about now you probaly realize that this is a good setup wich can benefit your sportsbetting business into huge profits and its all about what you do with it from here.
You can rent, do installments and buyout a complete open sourcecode solution to the entire system, and with buy out options it actually means that you pay only one time and you keep all the money from bets and no monthly costs to 3:rd party.


  • 100% commission on all betting activities
  • NO revenue to 3:rd parties
  • Affiliate referal system included
  • create your own email templates
  • multi language
  • Risk management system
  • Bitcoin and 1000+ other crypto currencies accepted
  • Paypal, Skrill and other payment gateways integrated
  • Create your own bonus codes
  • Landbased shop functions
  • FREE sports feed included in the 1 time setup cost
  • Pre match & Live matches available

The setup is ready to go, chose your domain name rent the platform at resonable low cost per month, we do not ast for any percentage of your gaming earnings, just for the platform usage, thats it.
Option 2 is for you to buy a system from us, we will guide you from anything to servers to design and we can even offer free installation and configuration of the system for you upon purchase.

Save up to €20.000 / month on odds feed cost, we will include it in the rental and buy out version, we simply don´t charge any monthly fee for the feed.

All payments goes to you directly, this way you get 100% commission directly,
winnings can easilly be covered by player losses and you can build your own sportsbook empire quick and easy.
Local licensing rules apllies depending in wich way you want to launch this, we can help and support you with all matters related to the sportsbetting system.