Sportsbook & casino scripts

You can launch your own fully branded sportsbetting website with options such as casino, virtual sports, bingo, keno and poker within a couple days.

The softbroke sportsbook script is a flexible system built in php / cake and is based on a mysql database, simple and universal for any developer or team to understand and thereby very popular and in terms of prices please compare with our competetors and see for your self.

Basically, by turning to other big companies and asking for the full sourcecode will normally result in a pricerange for abount 2-500.000 euros just to have the system, based on tons of hours, techs and lots of features.
We offer the same basic features but in a script form and this gives you the full open sourcecode sportsbook script for prices starting at 2000 euros only.
Have a look in our sportsbook script webshop and find the latest ones available, we have close to 20 different designs, features and functions all packed into our highly popular sportsbook script.
If you are looking for a standalone Casino script or Bingo script we have it too, its the very same system but we removed sportsbook and added a more playful theme and design.

All you need is a server, for our software we higly recommend using theese server credentials since other provider ssuch as godaddy does actually causes lags, issues and delays.
You only pay for the script one time, no monthly fees and we take no cut from your earnings or players what so ever and we even hand over the full open sourcecode so you can modify, tweak it and make your own custom changes as you like.

Sportsbook & casino scripts
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