Start your own betting exchange business

If you are looking for your own betting exchange software without have to rely on any 3:rd party besides the odds data and pay a monthly fee and revenue to the system provider, then this is what you need!
We provide a fully dynamic system in the true essence of betting exchange where you will become the system admin with full overview and control.
Create your own sub admins who can manage their own players and run the business.

We recently added a notification system between users and admins to notify of deposits, limits, suspensions, signups and other relevant features to make the system easy to work with and handle.
The player will have a popup notification for a winning or loosed ticket after match end and the system includes a bonus management where you can manually handle everything or set it up to be automated.

The basic risk management system is on place too and allows you to set a global or personal limit on users and agents with the possibility to manually override any ticket, match and bet as an admin.

Browse the live matches and pre games from the powerful c-panel and either use any preferred odds data provider or we set you up with our ready made solutions, this way you can be online in a short time of period and start working on your business model insead.

Recieve payment from players with Skrill, neteller, Bitcoin, PayPal or manually credit players (offline cash deposit)
We can add any prefered payment gateway of your choise and the entire system can be fully customized and we offer the software setups as fully open sourcecode solutions for companies or groups with innovative ideas and want to own the setup yourselves rather then chipping in on any current provider who will actually own the system and the players you bring in.

With the Softbroke Betting Exchange software you will be the owner of your specific setup and decides all terms, conditions, commissions, agents, players and everything in between without the need of ask anybody else for permission.
Running your own system allows more freedom and bigger possibilities of expanding wide in the pace you prefer.
The software is fresh and clean, no outdated code or expired solutions exists.

The typical setup time is roughly 5-7 days to have it all configured and from there you will have full control over your own betting exchange platform with no limits of what you can do from here.
If you are ready to launch your very own betting exchange business, get in touch to hear about our software solution.