White label casino setup from 15K

If you are looking to start your very own online casino then you sould definately get in touch with us!
We work like no other game provider or broker, we do soenthing totally different and unique and set you up with a generally higher revenue
from day one PLUS we also keep you on a low monthly fee wich basically only cover our own costs.

The general setup with other providers is normally around 15 to 25.000 euros and for what its worth, its probaly a good deal too,
Untill you found your way here to Softbroke that will say.
Instead of the traditional setup fee of the mentioned amounts we charge less then 10.000 euros for a fully turnkey casino setup with over 400 games wich also includes jackpot games, mini games, live casino with 24/7 action, all in crisp and smooth graphics and fully mobile ready.

Just for you get the picture of what you will get then have a look at SkippyCasino, its a wonderful casino ready with Malta and UK license and all loaded with awesome games and a turnkey engine wich basically means that all you have to do is to pick your domain and drive traffic to the site and we handle the rest!

Is it true? Oh yes for sure
We handle everything from account verifications, payouts, customer service, live support, banking, automatical updates and everything else that comes along with running a online casino, leaving you with the easy and fun part and that is to advertise and drive traffic to your brand new online casino and recieve a great kickback revenue on all losses for life.

Don´t go into the trap thinking just because you pay 50.000 euros with other providers and up to 10.000 monthly fees you automatically get a better and more awesome site, the truth is that all games still comes from the same game providers, all licences are running on the same basis and the setup is similar, only with us you can set up your white label online casino at a fraction of the cost with other providers and keep the rest of the money and spend it on marketing instead.
For us, this is fair game for both parties and we have this idea to keep our customer on a longer business relationship rather then charge you high fees wich causes many casino to go bankruptcy before they get a honest chance to grow.

White label casino with us is easy since you get everything served turnkey ready to go,
So if you made it this far and planning to launch your own casino online, then feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can start your online success in the gaming industry.